Non-English Assistance

Viking offers Spanish-speaking agents and a telephone language translation service to assist with calls in languages other than English. Any written communication can be translated into Spanish. 

A translation and description of commonly-used debt collection terms is available in multiple languages on the state of New York's Department of Consumer Affairs website at

Is Viking Billing Services a Scam?

Viking Billing Services: A Scam?

You may have gotten a letter from Viking that states that a car that you rented was returned damaged. This means that Viking Billing Service got your information from one of the rental car companies we partner with. These rental car companies employ the services of Viking Billing Service to connect with their customers and reconcile their accounts


Is Viking Billing Services a Collection Agency? 

People often mix up various functions of our company and assume that a call or a letter from Viking Billing Services about a rental car means that their rental car company sent their balance to a collections agency. They haven't. But sometimes these same people do a quick search online and find bad information that reinforces their concern.

We work on behalf of rental car companies, clearing up account balances and working to resolve claims disputes. This allows the rental companies to focus on what they do best, which is provide customers with vehicles and service they can trust. And it allows us to do what we do best, which is take care of details and solve problems for people. 

There is a part of Viking Client Services that works as a collection agency, but it is a separate division from Viking Billing Service. 

Is Viking Billing a Collection Agency?

Who is Viking Client Services?

Viking Billing is a division of Viking Client Services. We have been in business for 50 years, remaining committed to people and committed to good in each transaction. As you work with us to resolve any issues, we are confident you’ll discover a company of integrity and service. 

Who is Viking Client Service?

Is my Credit Score Affected by Viking Billing Service?

No. When Viking Billing Services works on behalf of rental car companies to reconcile damage claims, we're doing so as an extension of the company you rented your car from. It isn't until debts goes into the collections process due to non-payment that the credit bureau is informed. 

Is My Credit Score Being Impacted?


What is the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)? 

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is a federal law that protects you from unethical or defamatory tactics by debt collections companies as they attempt to recover debts. While Viking Billing Service is not a collection agency, it recovers debts and outstanding balances on behalf of various companies, often putting Viking Billing in those conversations with Viking Client Services (VCS) and other debt collection agencies. The law restricts the activities and behaviors of debt collectors, when they can call a residence and how often they can contact people. A violation of FDCPA standards can open up collections agencies to litigation and penalties. 

What is the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act?

What if I want to dispute the claim against me? 

If you feel that the damage claim against you was made in error, let us know. We are working off of information that we receive from our rental car company partners. Sometimes that information is wrong. We have helped more than one person clear their name and dismiss financial liability from their rental car company. But in order to clear your name, you have to talk to one of our agents. 

Can I Dispute a Claim Against Me?

At Viking Billing Services, we are interested in doing what's right...every time. We are committed to people and committed to good. 

ACH Processing

ACH Processing with Viking gives you a flexible and affordable electronic payment solutions provider. With data reporting tools and a customizable interface, you can brand the experience to align with your customers' or employees' needs. Viking Client Services' standards for security and user experience assures that each transaction is successful and that all funds are protected. 

Safe & Secure

With meticulous standards for security and compliance, ACH Processing with Viking Client Services gives our customers access to electronic funds transfers with the confidence that data is safely managed and security is maintained. 


Making money doesn't need to cost so much. Specific ACH transaction fees are based on industry type, risk, and volume. Please contact us to find out what ACH Processing will cost your company.


Viking offers extended hours for processing files and Sunday processing for Monday (effective date). Files can be submitted as late as 10:00pm central time.

 If you are looking for the right payment processing solution for your business, whether for ACH or Credit Card processing, speak to one of our business services experts about the right solution for you. 

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